Starlicious Sdn Bhd

Starlicious Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Golden Star Plt.) was established at Selangor in year 2013 as HALAL frozen seafood distributor.

By having systematic approach supply chain management, the company is offering variety of chill and frozen seafood to suit clients' demands. In addition, by having experience seafood production team, the team is focusing on every detail to control the quality of freshness. Every standard operation procedure is benchmarking with HALAL by Jakim Nagara and standard hygiene processing.


Fresh Frozen -40ºC
Bring the freshness from harvest to you

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All the seafood are harvested from sea/farm and direct send to factory to process with blast freezing technique -40°C in minimal time zone to keep the freshness. The seafood will be sent to customers by proper packaging and delivery method. Customer can defrost the seafood in quick time and get the seafood as fresh as from harvest.

Customer can enjoy the meal with quality and freshness from the items.


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